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Saturday, July 18, 2009 @ 7/18/2009 11:08:00 PM

I have been really busy all these while and I bet that's not really surprising. After all, my free time is split between studying and well erm Harry Potter mania-ing. As expected, I am obviously going to do a first class review about the movie so WARNING: SPOILER ALERT to those who have not watch it. ( I am assuming everyone should watch it DUH!)

( this review is conducted on a 2 sided view)

Being a Harry Potter crazy fan I say: Anyone who does not plan to watch it deserve to be used the Sectumsempra curse on them. It was beyond fabulous. Jim Broadbent portrayed Horace Slughorn just as I imagined. Biased, comedic but ultimately brave in face of the dark forces I enjoyed his presence on screen as much as seeing Alan Rickman, Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton.

The movie was hilarious, well-thought out, blockbuster perfect and the actors and actress rocked the entire storyline so freaking hard. Helena Bonham Carter playing Bellatrix simply add the Crucio on the Cruciatus Curse. It looked so unforgivable done by her that my hair actually stood up when she screamed madly.


  1. They cut out plenty of important scenes. Especially the last one made no sense. Why do they have change the last scene? Is it so so hard for them to simply stick to the book painfully written by the best author ever?! It made a hell lot of more sense to allow Harry under the hex of Dumbledore to stay still then simply listening to his words... ROAR.

  2. QUIDDITCH. the last ever game on theaters and I was expecting a lot lot lot more action! It was splendid those precious time but but not enough. WAH.....I WANT MORE. I WANT MORE. I WANT MORE. MORE MORE MORE QUIDDITCH.

  3. This is the most important part. why the heck was there no fight in the end?!?!? I was anticipating that as much as Quidditch and the Order of Phoenix members had no action. WHY? Dark forces are attacking fight back!! :(

But never mind. I suppose it was quite a long movie already and there simply was not enough time to squeeze it all in.

Being a neutral party I shall say:

  1. The movie was indeed well-worth the money. The brain blowing beginning till the last bits were unbelievably MAGICAL. 2hours 40 min man!
  2. The special effects were effortless and a nice twist from the now modern Transformer kinda CGI. Plus the storyline was understandable enough. ( I think...)

  3. The movie was friggin long. Sitting on the front, I thought that I was going to look like Peter Pettigrew if I continued straining my neck longer.

  4. The romance part was a bit too unsuitable for mature ages. I mean this sixth book is meant to have a darker theme. Why is there more romance instead!?!?! I mean I like it at first but too much becomes to sickly sweet. You can do so much better than this David Yates, have no fear that people may be swayed by terrible teeny boopers book cough Twilight cough Harry Potter style is way COOLER. We don't need to attract such audience.


10. Ron winning the game and then being kissed by Lavender. It was childishly humorous. ( cant find a picture of them kissing though.. )

9. The Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Why should be afraid of You-Know-Who? You ought to be worried about U-No-Poo. The constipating sensation that is gripping the nation! I want to visit their shop!

8. The expression on him was omg! Must say Hermione may be tactful in relationships and all but asking Mclaggen- this scene was ironic! " He has perfect liberty to kiss whoever he wants".. HA!

7. How can I ever forget quirky Luna Lovegood?

6. No comment. I was sniggering here non-stop simply just on the looks of his face. Better than I imagined in the book. Didn't know he look so love sick.

5. If anyone could remember, this is from the first scene. Iconic for it to be back again at the sixth, goes to show how much they have grown! Harry Potter popularity from the start till today. Seamus explosion once more but I can't find the one in Half Blood.

4. The memory of Young Tom Riddle was dead eerie. The child actor give me goosebumps.

3. Two words : Really touching. The death of a great wizard from the Astronomy Tower.

2. Ron again! Ok it was the last Quidditch scene after all and Weasly simply look oh-so idiotic at the Keeper tryout. Actually it is abit of a tie with the above scene. Exceeds Expectations!

1. No wonder they call him the best wizard of all time. His powers are OUTSTANDING! and mind you he is gay.

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Take note I missed out the Ginny-Harry scene cause I felt that the director was trying to draw crowds. Oh and actually Malfoy look dashing! But his scene were not a lot...Irregardless go watch it now!