To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


We're all mad here

Friday, June 12, 2009 @ 6/12/2009 05:57:00 PM

:D my mum decided to go on a shopping spree. It was like on a totally random impulsive action. She herself gotten high and even brought us to watch Angels and Demons !

We spent like a lot ( note : it does not help that I'm so naturally drawn to useless things - we saw slippers going on for $10 in MUJI and I wanted to grabbed and go for no apparent reasons.)

( Some random shots of MUJI- I like that place!!! due to the fact that it sells everything! Its like Cold Storage except better because there is clothes and it gives me the simplish homely feel... I especially liked the bathroom slippers!)

Oooh and when my mum and I were chatting in Gloria Jean ( they are having coffee for $3)while she somehow worked out a shopping phase of mine =.=

According to her when I was young, I wore everything she brought ( which is branded duh! because that was the time she was working + first time enthu mother) so all my things were like from Oshkosh kids or something

Then later , I fell into this Giordano/OP phase which means majority of my clothes came from there and consisted mainly of Bermudas and T-shirts. (Eww gross! I denied that fact)

And finally now its all a mixture of clothes from everywhere! Ok, I don't know how are most mother like but she then started to get melodramatic that I'm all grown up and stuff.... erm then I kinda block out the remains of our conversation.

But irregardless I felt so guilty going out (and posting it) .... this is so scary what have I done to my life?!

Later in the night, my dad even brought us to BORDERS at Wheelock Place (double the guilt) and I brought BLINK.

Hmm..what can I say? Its a not bad non-fiction book (hey I seldom read non fiction to begin with) it contains some interesting facts regarding our split second decisions making in life. FWAH I sound so cheem.. but actually the book rather thin so its not a bad read.. The author maybe repetitive at times though. P.S I brought this book in a split second too my dad was rushing us out as BORDERS was closing :D I just wanted to read something at home when the stupid weather is too hot to study in my balcony...

OH! I overheard this conversation playing in borders that gotten me quite piss for no apparent reason.

Girl 1 : I like to read but I don't have time so I'm just flipping through this (refers to a book tittled: 501 books you must read before you die- the things gives synopsis of all the important/famous literature books)

Girl 2:
Huh? like that also can ?

Girl 1 : Ya this way I know what people are talking about and also a little of the books.
After hearing this I felt like that was a total cheater. Ok that sounded fierce lol but how can you do this!? I felt like they should totally banned that "501 books you must read before you die " that book lorh!! To prevent people from doing such things. I mean if you never read the book why pretend you did -.- to sound cheem/ impress others.. and the thing is saying you got no time to read ( ok this doesn't make me feel as mad as her getting the synopsis of great books but adds on to her mistake ;p ) is not even valid excuse to me !
If the everyone becomes like that in the adult world, the story would have just consisted of bits and pieces but never the full one! ( the whole blind men and elephant thing ) The joy of reading an entire book from beginning to climax to end who have been lost!!! And the point of reading is so NOT only to make yourself intellectual... but also to understand how an author feels / or convey her ideas ( in case of fiction) to the world + so much more!

I do have alot of points actually but its not good blogging material as I realised..) ROAR! P.S i realise i sounded really geeky in the above paragraph- must be the watching of too much THE BIG BANG THEORY- in real life I'm so much cooler. Yeah right.

*Breathe* but anyways I tried explain everything to my beloved parents and YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED ! My mother ooh and ahh throughout my entire nonstop lecture and in the end she said this " You think everyone like you so free ah? Or support J.K Rowling? "

Now why the heck is JK Rowling part of the thing?! I cannot see the link. And what it means by I'm so free? I am so not.
Now my dad is way ridiculous he says " I'm living evidence that people don't read book and still lead a good life."