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Tuesday, June 9, 2009 @ 6/09/2009 12:18:00 AM

Well, actually this post is all on quite geek related stuff . The first is regarding some thing called the Big Bang (no this is not the Korean Band or the evolution thingy) its this rather cool TV show that D.D ( dodobird for short) told me to watch.

( as you gathered that much mediacorp is'nt playing it like in another 1 00 years so just go youtube and watch..)

Surprisingly it was quite nice ! The story is about 2 geeky middle aged guys who just spent their free time creating mathematical formulas or discussing science theories. So basically the funny part of the show is that although both the characters has super high IQ ( like really high those kind -the way they talk is quite laughable already ) , they cant really survive or interact with normal people which kinda makes them plain stupid ( like lack of common sense ) :D

Anyway due to the fact that I'm CHIONGing homework, I dont really have any time to watch it so I'm promoting it to people who are so darn free (FWAH SO JEALOUS !!!) Argh the homework is like never ending although my amaths is completed but emaths is like on and on and on . Spent the whole day with trixy in queenstown library and completed 2 paper 1 of emaths :D quite impressive !

( I thought I would not do anything can... there is one whole list of factors that distracted me! I shall list them all :D:D:D - ok my break given to myslef aBIT long ...)

1. Some stupid people keep shaking their pen making this incessant TIK-TAK-TIK-TAK sound!! like wth?! some more they shook like quite a lot of times throughout my emaths paper lorh!

2. Waffles ( go to trixy blog to see! she kept getting so into it 0.0- makes me feel hungry for nothing...)

3. Medicated oil ( that was for a short while only but :D i was distracted )

4. Baby boy / Blangadash workers ( according to trixy they were spying on us?)

5. Funny laughter emmitting from none other than trixy herself

FWAH ( this has become my iconic expression! yehchi totally ripped me off.. ) I was stunned that I could complete the papers :D although wasted quite a lot of Trixy's semi broken correction tape. but still quite productive !

BTW if you are wondering what she did there, the answer is that SHE HAS NO MUCH HW TO DO! SHE LIKE FINISH EVERYTHING !!! TOTALLY MAKE ME SO ENVIOUS !! ROAR!







Note to the CIP fantic ( who else but TRIXY LOL... forgot to mention another distraction was that she kept asking me to join her in science centre! why? I am a good enough citizen already... ): I AM NOT HEADING THERE TO GET CIP HOURS LIKE =.=

:D:D I want to go see the Da Vinci Exhitbition! ROAR! Hahahaha but I have a feeling that no one is interested in such things other than myself... so I probably drag Zoey if she fine with it.. HOWEVER if by any slim chance got people want see the exhitbitsion too must tell me!! GO TOGETHER! I think the Mona Lisa painting damn cool !

see I shall leave the website here for people to click and be mesmerised and decide to join me! GO !

OK going back to emaths now! :D